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December 24, 2009
Dear Customers:
Here, we would like to share something DIFFERENT with you...

With the global economy being so fragile, few people in this industry are living an easy life. How to survive from this storm? It seems that more and more wise buyers are coming directly to Liuyang, China, the biggest fireworks wholesale center in the world. All of sudden, catalogues and quotation lists flooded your office. Too many choices, right?

However, you may know that there are nearly 1000 fireworks factories(big or small, serious or cheap, export or domestic...) located in this area. And cost reduction is always a mixedblessing. That's why you are choosing your new suppliers so carefully. We totally understand this.

Facts speak louder than words. Come to Richton. You will find your ideal partner in China as we can always provide the best combination of price and quality.

Looking forward to working with you. We are the next level in pyrotechnics!

Richton=Factory 43F385